IMAI Norio 1946–



Born in Osaka in 1946. In 1964, while still attending Osaka City Kogei High School, Imai held his first solo exhibition at the Nunu Gallery in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, and also exhibited at the 14th Gutai Art Exhibition the same year. The following year, he graduated from high school, and became a member of the Gutai Art Association. In subsequent years, rather than go on to attend an art university, he "studied at the Gutai University," as the artist himself put it, gathering experience exhibiting at various exhibitions, primarily Gutai Art Exhibition. In the 1970s, he incorporated a greater trend towards conceptualism using photography and film, and afterwards also tried his hand at outdoor artwork and public art. He has exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions at art museums and galleries in Japan and abroad. He taught at Seian University of Art and Design from 1993, when the school opened, to 2012, striving to mentor the young generation.

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