TAKASAKI Motonao 1923–2017



Born in Kahoku-cho, Kochi Prefecture in 1923. Takasaki graduated from the department of sculpture at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (now Tokyo University of the Arts) in 1949. In 1951, he started exhibiting at the Modern Art Association Exhibition. He won the newcomer prize in 1954, and joined the association in 1957. (He left it in 1970.) In 1963, he began creating his Apparatus series, in which pieces of canvas are attached to a background in a grid pattern. In 1966, at the invitation of Jiro Yoshihara, he became a member of the Gutai Art Association, which was impressed by his work. In the 1970s, he showed an increased inclination towards installation-like work, but later returned to work on his Apparatus series. Based on his native Kochi, he continued to work energetically, and in 1996, he was awarded Kochi Prefecture's Culture Award.

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