Ei-Q 1911–1960

<「-解放された戦後美術- デモクラート 1951~1957」展(1999年、宮崎県立美術館、和歌山県立近代美術館、埼玉県立近代美術館を巡回)図録より引用>

Ei-Kyu (or Ei-Q) was the pseudonym of Sugita Hideo, an avant-garde artist working in Surrealist and abstract styles in the media of painting, photograms and, latterly, etching and lithographs. Born in Miyazaki Prefecture. During the 1930s he became interested in photography and photograms in particular. Under the influence of Surrealist thought he published essays promoting photography as an art form independent of painting. In 1936 he published the influential book 'Nemuri no riyu' (Reasons for Sleep) which took him to the forefront of the Japanese avant-garde. He was an influential leader of several associations of artists in the pre- and post-war periods.
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